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Supporting New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust

  • About New Zealand Whale & Dolphins Trust

The world-class New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust is a research-driven organisation committed to the conservation of New Zealand's whales and dolphins. Actively researching their conservation, they are the leading authority on Maui and Hector's dolphins. The smallest and rarest oceanic dolphins in the world, as well as New Zealand’s only native dolphin!


  • How we support the New Zealand Whale & Dolphins Trust

We have been working with the trust since we began in 2004. Our strong relationship with the New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust means we often have staff actively joining our vessels, collecting data for PhD projects on the Hector’s dolphins. From this research, we are able to educate and inform our guests on the interesting scientific findings, which we share on a daily basis!


In 2017, during Seaweek, we organised a special cruise, where two of their PhD students were onboard teaching our guests about their research. We managed to raise $2,700, with all the processed going towards the New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust.


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Jesu Valdés and Tom Brough from New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust on our 2017 Seaweek cruise.

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Jesu Valdés talking about other wildlife that lives in and around the area, such as the New Zealand fur seals and White-flippered blue penguins.

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Tom explaining what the research equipment does.


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Tom answering questions.


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Sampling water.

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Evaluating the data.

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A beautiful Hector's dolphin swimming past.


  • How you can help?

We believe funding this trust is very important for the future of our Hector’s dolphins, if you would like to make a donation you can do that by clicking here.




Written by Sophie Wadley



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