14 October 2023

Sponsorship Requests

Akaroa Dolphins currently works with a range of partners within the Banks Peninsula area to deliver community and environmental support, which are aligned with our ethos and values.


These include:


  • Supporting the next generation. The next generation is crucial to the future of Aotearoa New Zealand and a key focus area for Akaroa Dolphins.
  • Sustainable tourism leadership. Tourism is the lifeblood of Akaroa’s economy, and we are keen to help future-proof the industry through initiatives supporting the promotion of Akaroa as a destination.
  • Supporting community groups and sports clubs. We value the community of Banks Peninsula, giving back to causes we believe enrich the people that live within it.
  • Enhancing the environment. We are focused on supporting long-term initiatives that enrich the environment for future generations.

To date, Akaroa Dolphins has given $73,359.00 (NZD) back to the community & environment. 


Examples of projects we have supported:



If you would like to learn more or enquire about sponsorship, please email us at cruise@akaroadolphins.co.nz