02 April 2024

What to Bring

Albie our dolphin dog, is demonstrating what we recommend bringing.


Take all the photos you want! The scenery and wildlife around Akaroa harbour is incredibly unique. Feel free to share your magical moments with us afterwards on our Akaroa Dolphins Facebook or Instagram pages. We love to see what you see!



We always recommend wearing sunscreen  – even on cloudy days. If you have forgotten, do not worry as we have some onboard you are welcome to use.


Warm Jacket

The weather on the harbour can differ from Akaroa township. On our cruise, we travel outside the harbour either North or South around the heads into the Pacific Ocean*. Therefore, we advise you to bring warm clothes – but again, if you have forgotten we have plenty of warm
jackets you can borrow, just ask your guide on board.*On windy days we stay inner harbour.


Sun Hat & Sunglasses

The water reflects the sun which makes it even sharper when out on the boat. Bring your sun hat and sunglasses and look cool like Albie!


If you have questions or enquiries regarding our cruises – feel free to contact us at any time. We looking forward to meeting you! 


For more frequently asked questions CLICK HERE!


Words & Illustration by Emma Perrin