01 September 2021

Our Sustainability Policy

At Akaroa Dolphins, we recognise that we have an obligation to our unique and special environment and are committed to caring for Akaroa harbour. It is vital that our activities have a positive impact on the environment for now, and for future generations. Below are our sustainability commitments.


Akaroa Dolphins understand that the material choices we make play an enormous part in our overall service, always aiming for a sustainable future. We are plastic bag-free, always reducing the use of non-recyclable materials & recycling whenever possible.


Akaroa Dolphins is involved in the wider community of Banks Peninsula, giving back to causes we believe in. For example, we fund the Department of Conservation to research marine wildlife & to educate our community, participate in ocean cleanups, support local events through sponsorship, E.g., the tui project & The Banks Peninsula vermin competition, organise trips for the younger local generations, to learn about the beauty of their home.


Akaroa Dolphins consciously implants environmentally friendly practices into the business, exploring & developing new ideas continuously. So far, we are a ‘SMART’ operator, which means to operate with minimal impact on the environment & wildlife, a member of the Akaroa Marine Protection Society, involved in ‘Tourism Industry Aotearoa’s project’; “committed to sustainable tourism” which has a vision of leading the world into sustainable tourism, a believer of reducing energy consumption in all operation areas.


Akaroa Dolphins believe sustainability is a friendship between us, the people & the planet. Working to limit any environmental impacts & persistently evaluating how to be successful with this.

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