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Where are they found?

Endemic to Canterbury, New Zealand, they breed on Banks Peninsula and Motunau Island. 


What do they look like?

The White-flippered penguin has an overall blue-grey appearance, which is very similar to the Blue penguin. They are distinguished from the Blue penguin by a broad white colouring on the edges of the flipper. 


How big are they?


The White-flippered penguin is the smallest penguin in the world, standing just 25cm tall and weighing a little over 1kg.


How many are there?


The most recent estimate of the total population is only 4,000 pairs (1,800 on Motunau Island and 2,200 on Banks Peninsula). IUCN (The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) and Birdlife International classified White-flippered penguin as “Endangered”, and D.O.C. (Department of Conservation, New Zealand) as “Acutely-Threatened”.


How long do they live?


White-flippered penguins often mates for life and live up to 25 years.


What do they eat?


They eat a variety of food, the likes of Shoaling Fish, Squid and less often crustaceans.


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