14 April 2021

Things we do to reduce our Footprint

At Akaroa Dolphins, we recognise that we are obligated to our unique and special environment and are committed to caring for Akaroa harbour. Our activities must have a positive impact on the environment for now, and for future generations. Below are examples of some of our environmental initiatives.



  • Recycle paper & glass
  • Compost organic waste
  • Re-use stationery and office supplies
  • Do not use single-use plastics e.g. plastic bags or bottles
  • Reduced our print marketing
  • Our booking confirmations are sent via email
  • We have moved to paperless payslips and invoices by emailing them
  • All oil that is brought for the boat has been previously recycled, and once we have used it, it is then taken back again for recycling


  • Ensure refrigeration and heating systems are maintained appropriately and regularly
  • Ensure air-conditioning is regularly maintained and actions are taken to minimise the use
  • Have energy-efficient lighting by using LED lights
  • Turn lights & heating off when not being used
  • Monitor electricity usage
  • Use environmentally designed state-of-the-art engines in our catamaran
  • We service our vehicles annually
  • Monitoring of our general driving practices of the boat, reducing fuel consumption
  • We shop locally as much as possible
  • Installation of Wool Batts in both ticketing offices
  • Coldwater machine wash
  • We use our clothesline to dry our towels and cloths


  • We reduce water use outdoors by using a trigger gun on the boat when cleaning it down
  • Maintain high-quality water/effluent output filtration systems
  • Install water-saving fixtures and devices
  • We are mindful of our water use


  • Remove any rubbish we see in the ocean, on the beach & street ourselves
  • Our catamaran was designed to have minimum noise transfer to the dolphins
  • We have begun the journey of becoming a carbon-neutral  business
  • Volunteer our time to help plant native trees


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog, and we end with a call to action. What small changes can you do to help reduce your footprint?


For more about our sustainability commitments CLICK HERE!