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Family Activities in Akaroa

If you and your family have a few spare hours or staying a couple of days in Akaroa, we have created a list of suggested activities to do while here. We hope you enjoy it!


  • Akaroa Dolphins Harbour Cruise for Children

Our harbour cruise is perfectly safe for children of all ages. You can bring your infant or toddler onboard in a baby carrier or a pram. Our low-lying catamaran boat is stable on the water and spacious in the back area and inside.


Because of the size of our vessel, we are not required to wear life jackets but we do have life jackets on board in kids sizes also, ask the skipper or guide if you wish for your child to wear one. If you are travelling with young children, we do ask for their safety that they are supervised at all times.


Local families

 Our local kids loving their time out on the water.

Our dolphin spotting dogs enjoy the company of our passengers and they love cuddles and hugs from everybody.


Busters cuddle

 Buster and a boy having a hug at the end of the cruise.
Albie kids 2
Albie loves pats and hugs.

We offer complimentary drinks on board and there is orange juice or hot chocolate for children and a homemade cookie on the way home. Feel free to bring your own drinks, snacks, or lunch.


To learn more you can book on our cruise by CLICKING HERE!

If you and your family have some spare hours or extra days in town we have here made a list of activities suitable to do with children.



  • Pohatu Penguins

Pohatu Penguins hosts the largest Australasian Little Penguin colony on mainland New Zealand. Francis and Shireen Helps have worked tirelessly over the last three decades protecting the White-flippered penguins, offering a fabulous opportunity to view them in their own habitat. Take a tour to view the penguins on land or a kayak adventure through the Pohatu marine reserve.


Pohatu Penguins ticketing office is located in central Akaroa, this is one of those family activities you should book in advance! www.pohatu.co.nz



 The kids have the opportunity to see White-flippered penguins with their chicks on a Pohatu Penguins tour.
  • Shamarra Alpaca Farm

A 15 minutes drive from Akaroa towards Wainui you can feed and cuddle some cute and friendly Alpacas right at the top of beautiful Banks Peninsula hills.


Make sure to book your guided farm tour in advance: www.shamarra-alpacas.co.nz


Shamara Alpaca 1

Locals; Julia, Alice, and Amelia exploring their backyard, enjoying the cute alpacas.


  • The Giants House

An all-time favorite is Josie Martin’s magical Giants House garden. Follow the hidden and windy mosaic pathways through flower beds, plants, and mystical creatures. It really is like walking in a fairytale!


Check out the garden’s opening hours here: www.thegiantshouse.co.nz


The Giant's House
The beautiful Giant's House.


  • Akaroa Mini Golf & Sculpture Park

If you are feeling kind of sporty and want to enjoy some dinosaur steampunk artwork while practicing your golf arm -  Akaroa Mini Golf & Sculpture Park is the place to visit. It’s open 10 am – 4 pm during school holidays, in the center of town.


See more details here: CLICK HERE!


Akaroa mini golf
 Akaroa Mini Golf with the Fantastical world of the Steampunk sculpture garden.


  • Ethels Cinema Akaroa

On a rainy day or for an evening out Ethel's little cinema shows a range of Kids movies, blockbuster movies, and art house films. Enjoy the show with an Italian-style homemade pizza, delicious cake, or other treats from Ethel's Cafe. 


See the weekly movie program here: www.ethels.co.nz


Ethels Cinema Akaroa

Ethels Cinema in Akaroa.


  • Garden of Tane Playground

Enter the Garden of Tane through the main entrance, where Rue Jolie and Onuko Rd meet, and you will find a beautiful and hidden playground. Located amongst tall native trees, bush maze path walks and birdsong, this place can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Find the location and maps of the garden here: www.gardenoftane.co.nz


Garden of Tane Playground

Playground area surrounding native trees.

  • Bully Hayes restaurant with play area

Akaroa is filled with gorgeous cafes and restaurants, but we have chosen to recommend Bully Hayes restaurant because of their courtyard in the back with a good size play area for children. The menu is also diverse, affordable, and tasty, focusing on fresh New Zealand produces with a good range of seafood and modern and traditional dishes.


Something for everyone. Find the menu here: www.bullyhayes.co.nz


Bully Hayes

Bully Hayes courtyard in the back with play area for young children. 


Written by Emma Perrin

Photos by Chalita Aommy Klumjui 

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