16 February 2020

Donated $30,000 towards the Akaroa Hospital Rebuild

During the September 2010 Christchurch Earthquake, our hospital in Akaroa was damaged. Originally built in 1926, it was a treasure here, with breathtaking views of the harbour and the sounds of native birds coming from the nearby Garden of Tane. The hospital continued to operate until the late months of 2011, but unfortunately due to it being deemed unsafe, it was demolished in August 2015.

Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) proposed a medical centre as a replacement, but from a local’s perspective, the hospital was a large part of our community. As a result, CDHB planned to include an integrated health facility; a general practice, 8 aged care beds, 4 GP patient beds, and other community health services.

It is not just our permanent 600-plus residents that benefit from the hospital services, but throughout the year, we have holidaymakers, cruise ship passengers, and a constant trail of tourists using the facilities. We also strongly felt that it is important for our elderly folk to be able to recuperate near home & family or to end their days in a familiar, friendly space. 

The local community committed to raising $2.5 million towards the additional construction costs, within 4 years of building commencing. Fundraising consisted of pretty much everything you can think of from fun runs, raffles, and events to donation buckets.

Akaroa Dolphins as a business made the decision to become a silver sponsor, donating a sum of $30,000 to the cause, which resulted in receiving naming rights to one of the rooms. Thank you to all our customers for making this possible and indirectly helping us achieve this valuable contribution to our community.

In mid-2019 our new hospital was announced open, with 100 people coming to the blessing ceremony and the Pompaillier House residents moving in. The $5.2 million facility is now named ‘Akaroa Health – Te Hauora o Rakaihautu Integrated Family Health Centre’. 


Visit: https://www.akaroahealth.co.nz/




Written by Sophie Wadley