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Adopt a Dolphin

We spotted this incredible dolphin last week. He has been given the name 'Fingers' due to the unique markings on his dorsal fin, which most likely came from a shark attack. Fingers is one of the most highly distinctive dolphins in the NZ Whale & Dolphin Trust ID catalogue.


Wildlife found in and around Akaroa Harbour

This article is about what types of wildlife you may encounter when cruising with us. We have focused on the different dolphin, penguin and whale species. You are also welcome to download our A3 Akaroa Harbour Wildlife poster - Enjoy!


The life cycle of a White-flippered penguin

The White-flippered penguin is one of the smallest and rarest penguins in the world. It is endemic to Canterbury, New Zealand and breeds only on the Banks Peninsula and Motunau Island, where there is roughly around 4000 pairs nesting.


The life cycle of a New Zealand fur seal

The New Zealand fur seal, also named “kekeno” is the most common seal in New Zealand. In the 18th century, these seals were hunted by European sealers for their fur and blubber, which almost drove them to extinct. Since 1894 the NZ fur seals have been fully protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Today there are more than 200,000 fur seals and they thrive around the rocky shores of New Zealand.

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