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The Life cycle of a New Zealand fur seal

The New Zealand fur seal, also named “kekeno” is the most common seal in New Zealand. In the 18th century, these seals were hunted by European sealers for their fur and blubber, which almost drove them to extinct. Since 1894 the NZ fur seals have been fully protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Today there are more than 200,000 fur seals and they thrive around the rocky shores of New Zealand.


Department of Conservation Approved

We are a permitted operator meaning we are allowed to take guests out to view the Hector's dolphins and other marine mammals. Akaroa Dolphins also pays an annual fee to support the Department of Conservation (DOC) in New Zealand, meaning a percentage of each one of our passenger’s fare goes towards scientific research and welfare of our Hector's dolphins.


Supporting New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust

We have been working with the New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust since we began in 2004. We have a strong relationship and often have staff actively joining our vessels, collecting data for PhD projects on the Hector’s dolphins. From this research, we are able to educate and inform our guests on the interesting scientific findings, which we share on a daily basis! In 2017, we raised $2,700 which went directly to the trust and their research.


Akaroa's Birdlife

For all you bird lovers out there this is the ‘must tick’ list for your visit to Akaroa. From our beautiful little native songbirds to our rarer, larger seabirds. Each and everyone is special in their own way. Enjoy our descriptions, photographs and paintings made just for our readers.


Orca The World's Largest Dolphin

Not only do we see the smallest and rarest oceanic dolphin daily, but we also occasionally spot the world’s largest dolphin - the Orca, otherwise known as the Killer Whale. We get surprise visits from the Orca once or twice a year, and never no when this might be.

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