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Akaroa's Birdlife

For all you bird lovers out there this is the ‘must tick’ list for your visit to Akaroa. From our beautiful little native songbirds to our rarer, larger seabirds. Each and everyone is special in their own way. Enjoy our descriptions, photographs and paintings made just for our readers.


Itinerary designed for 1 day in Akaroa

If you’re thinking ‘What to do in Akaroa’ and you only have one day, whether you are coming from Christchurch or a cruise ship this article has been designed for you! One of our biggest tips is to book everything in ADVANCE – just so you don’t miss out!


Orca The World's Largest Dolphin

Not only do we see the smallest and rarest oceanic dolphin daily, but we also occasionally spot the world’s largest dolphin - the Orca, otherwise known as the Killer Whale. We get surprise visits from the Orca once or twice a year, and never no when this might be.

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